The Hunt for the Stormy ThroneEdit

The Hunt for the Stormy Throne is a weekly Pathfinder game set in a place called the Archipelago.

After Rys the Cleansing Fire drove the elemental beings, the Sihir, out of the Archipelago, the lesser races settled there and built their cities. Centuries later, the Sihir want them back. How does the Stormy Throne factor into all of this? That's your job to find out.

Where to Start? Edit

Story Summary.

Want to create a page for your character? For various peculiarities you come across in the Archipelago that I didn't note for some reason or another? Want to build on your character's backstory? Create pages for their various contacts? You can begin by creating an account and contacting me if you're a member of my Pathfinder group. If not, then just have fun looking through the pages here.

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